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LG Hausys has the most attractive and appealing windows and doors. Be it a sliding window design, a turning door design, or a casement window, you are assured of getting elegant and contemporary solutions for your home. Whatever your existing decor scheme, we are sure that you will find a sliding window design or a casement window design, for instance, that will harmonize with it, from our range. Lancette partners with LG Hausys are authorized importers and fabricators for lg upvc windows and doors. Our high performance products add an architectural dimension to the home and keep out street noise, dust and pollution, rain and wind. Our solutions outlast buildings.

Whether you are looking for sliding windows, sliding doors, casement windows or turning doors, LG Hausys is the best choice. Our windows and doors are made from the highest grade of UPVC, reinforced with steel for enhanced structural strength. This makes our sliding windows, casement windows, sliding doors and turning doors very durable.

Our UPVC casement, sliding windows, sliding doors and turning doors also offer you excellent thermal and sound insulation, as well as efficient protection from water seepage and dust inflow, even with a sliding window design. This makes us the best choice in terms of functionality as well.

upvc Windows and turning Doors