Energy efficient, secure, durable and maintenance free feature are the key features of uPVC products. Doors are that important architect of a house upon which depends the security and safety of house. The best part of uPVC  doors are that it provides quality without any constraint to compromise with the look, colour etc. All designs of door, casement, bay, tilt and turn, front, back, patio, French, bi-fold etc. are of high quality, energy efficient and durable.

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Key features with which uPVC doors are blessed with:

  1. Glazed and insulated panels: uPVC doors come with guarantee of increased retained heat. It also promise to eliminate draught. Furthermore, it gives the choice of opting from double or triple glaze.
  2. Multi chambered: Excellent sound insulation and energy efficiency is provided by multi chamber profile.
  3. Internal glaze: This feature is of utmost importance from security point of view. Internally glazed glass doors are most secured as the glass can’t be removed from outside.
  4. Safety against intruders: uPVC doors have multi-point locking system which includes hook locks, dead locks, shoot bolts etc. to give you a peaceful sleep.
  5. Welded Joints: Strength and protection against weather is provided by welded joints that ensures no gapping in sashes.