Designer doors are best choice for entrance of living area or dining area. A gamut of varieties are offered in this category like designer wooden doors, designer glass doors, plane wooden door with designer glass etc. These spruce up the overall look of the house.

Most of the designer door are hinged at one side of the frame and provides single door opening. The durability, sustainability and security is ensured by the uPVC material and multi-point locking system.

If you want to go with the designer glass doors than the best option would be to protect with an iron or wooden door from outside. This will provide protection to the glass from stones, birds etc. Also, it will be double security against thieves.

It is the era of showing off and designer doors are one of such medium to portray your class and standard. Generally, people go for the design and colour that gels well with the paint and theme of the room.

Alongside providing the trendy, classical and elegant look to the room, it also allows sunlight to peep inside the room, maintaining the healthy aura of the room. Be it be winter or summer, proper ventilation and sunlight keeps a healthy environment inside the house.