Nothing can be more suitable and perfect for the rooms overlooking garden than uPVC slide and fold doors. This new generation door are designed especially for large openings. A unique mixture of multiple sashed joints with a distinctive slide and fold mechanism, slide and fold doors gives a perfect view of the exterior. The sashed can either be moved left or right or can be clamped in any direction. It comes as a beautiful wall while closed. Also, it is secured and insulated while closed as the sashes have negligible space between them.

Some of the key features of slide and fold doors are:

  1. Provides ventilation, better view along with fresh air
  2. Smooth to operate
  3. Security is ensured by multi-point locking system
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Provides best insulation against pollution, dust, noise and rain
  6. Strength and durability is ensured by the welded sashes and frames
  7. Classy, contemporary, trendy besides being the best aesthetic
  8. Can create a modern look even in an old home