Sliding doors usually open by sliding parallel to a wall. There are a range of sliding doors like-

  1. Pocket doors
  2. Bypass doors
  3. Arcadia doors

Commonly, sliding doors are used as glass doors, shower doors, wardrobe doors and screen doors. The usage and trend of sliding doors started from Roman houses. Evidence of archaeology of sliding doors can be found in Pompeii, Italy.

Sliding door gear mechanism is used to operate the sliding doors. There are two standard system for operating sliding doors:

  1. Top hung system
  2. Bottom rolling system

Top Hung Sliding Doors: It is most commonly used, mainly as wardrobe doors. At the top, the door is hung by two trolley hangers and run in a concealed track. The weight of the door is taken by the hangers, making it easy for the door to slide. At the ends, track stoppers are placed to absorb the impact that would be made if the door is slammed.

Bottom Rolling Door Gear: At times when the weight of the doors can’t be supported from above, top hung system cannot be used. In such cases bottom hung system is used. Two rollers are provided at the bottom which carries the weight of the door.