Casement windows are hinged at the sides and can be open from either inside or outside. Though the type of opening depends upon the choice of the customer, inside opening is recommended. The window with outside opening restricts and creates hurdle while cleaning. Whereas inside opening provides you with ease of cleaning along with the proper ventilation and look.

Understanding the fact that following the style and trend is very different from day to day maintenance of the house and its architecture. Many a times, customers, in flow of following the trend forget about the maintenance. Respecting the labour of a house wife and resolving their dilemma Lancette provides them with solutions that can afford both the trend and maintenance.

While adopting for the casement windows, one should put mosquito net outside the window. Since, the net will be outside the window, it won’t hamper with the inside look. As far as look from outside is concerned, it can be improved by opting for a net that gels well with the outside paint. Also, casement windows are preferred over the part from where garden view is visible. Garden view helps in hiding the mosquito net from outside while giving protection inside.