A great choice for the contemporary styled home and panoramic view, sliding windows are best option for classy look in lesser space. Two or more horizontal sashes are fitted with rollers at the bottom for the smooth horizontal moments. Hall, dining and terrace are the best location for these kind of windows as it gives you better view of outside.

Sipping a cup of hot coffee, watching the sunrise while the cold breeze brushes your hair is probably the best experience one can have. End your day by watching the moon lifting up in the sky kissing the stars with sliding windows. Call right away to install durable sliding windows to have one of such mesmerising and soothing experiences.

Features and Benefits of Sliding windows:

  1. Improved ventilation: A healthy arena and ventilation is maintained by these windows as your house is more prone to fresh air
  2. Range: Variety of hardware, colours and designs are available to choose from.
  3. Space optimization: As said earlier as well, it takes lesser space and hence better for small spaces.
  4. Air tight: Keeps dust, pollutions and mosquitoes away as it is air tight. Mosquito net can be put from inside or outside even when you open it up to use.