A perfect solution for all the problems of Indian house is villa window. Be it be protection from insects, mosquitoes, lizards, theft or style, ventilation and elegance, villa windows are the solution for all. It is the only uPVC casement window which is engineered with twin sash, grill built in the system and a bug mesh. As the name itself suggests, villa windows are mostly used in villas and bungalows giving them a royal and classy look. Lancette guarantees to eliminate the common problem that persists with other providers, i.e., hard to open or close the sash windows. Our experts are at par in examining the right kind of setup required to eradicate this issue.Some of the bright features of Villa windows are:

  1. Its multi chamber and dual seal design reduces noise from outside and heat loss
  2. Strength is ensured by the welded frames and corners
  3. They are easy to clean, weather resistant and require low maintenance cost.
  4. Complete security is ensured by multi-point locking system
  5. Manufactured from uPVC persuades durability, consistency and quality
  6. It also protects the house from insects, mosquitoes and lizards
  7. Insulation from dust, pollution and rain is also a key feature of villa windows